They look great don’t they. Nothing beats a real fire and Woodburning stoves are the only real alternative to a full open coal fireplace and a lot safer too, the fire is fully enclosed and you have a nice glass frontage so you can see the flames.

or can you?

Before too long, your glass can look like this.


Nothing you can do to stop it, it’s the natural after effect of burning wood. That is wood tar or creosote (yes the same stuff you weatherproof your fences with) and that can be a real pain to remove.

You may have heard that you can remove the creosote by using a scrunched up paper ball and the cold ashes of the previous fire, Not exactly! whilst that will, eventually, fetch the creosote off the glass, it takes a lot of effort and it will also damage the glass over time, you are scouring the surface of the glass which causes micro-scratches and can lead the glass to become cloudy or even opaque. The only way to remove the creosote without damaging the glass and maintaining a pristine look, is to use a specialised glass cleaner.

Here are ours.

First up, our best seller, HG Stove Glass Cleaner.

Next up, we have Tableau Stove Glass Cleaner.



Also, we have Inspired Log Burner and Hearth Cleaner.


and finally, we have 4YourHome Woodburner Glass and Stove Cleaner.


Using any of those four products couldn’t be simpler, just spray, leave and wipe. If it doesn’t quite get it all the first time, just repeat. Simple. No scrubbing required and no nasty after smells, just clean glass that will not obscure the majesty of the flames.


As an after thought, Creosote also builds up in the flue and is more concentrated and thicker than what appears on the glass front. If left, it can combust and then you have a whole new set of problems to deal with.


See our previous Blog for details on how to avoid that.

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