When our friends at Tableau Products announce a new product, we sit up and take notice, partly because they don’t release new products that often, but mainly because Tableau are about the best in their field and we sell out of their products, almost as soon as we stock the shelves.

Without further ado, let me present to you.

Tableau Products Sweet Sandalwood Fragranced Wood Soap.


Sized at 500 ml, it is specially formulated to remove dust, grease and stubborn stains from wood floors, skirting and furniture. Unlike other cream cleaners or polishes, Tableau Wood Soap is non corrosive and won’t potentially damage the finish or surface of the wood.

It can be used on both sealed and painted wood and also unsealed wood and veneers and a little goes a very long way. Just dilute 50 ml in a 5 litre bucket of warm water and apply. The no rinse formula allows you to get on with other things whilst the wood soap dries and the clean wood gives off a very pleasant sweet sandalwood fragrance that will lighten any room it is used in.

A useful little product to have around the house if you have lots of wood furniture or flooring or just want to spruce up the sideboard and skirting.

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