It’s that time of year again, when the nations eyes are glued to the telly and kitchens all over the country quake in fear as people with big dreams and aspirations that far outweigh their ability, attempt to channel a spray tanned Liverpudlian and a Pensioner and join the circus that is The Great British Bake Off.

The last time GBBO graced our Tv screens, we were inundated with requests for oven specific cleaners and Hob cleaners and pretty much anything that could clean up an exploded Victoria Sponge or get molten Jam the consistency of lava off the cooker.

This year, we have pre-empted the requests and put together two Kitchen Survival Kits, that will have you covered for just about any biscuit or pie related disaster you can think of.

Kitchen Survival Kit 1 has been carefully crafted to cover a kitchen that utilises Ceramic, Halogen or Induction hobs. The three main products are HG Hagesan Grease Away, This has been married with Hg Hagesan Oven, Grill and BBQ cleaner and also Hg Hagesan Ceramic Hob Daily Use Cleaner. These three products will have no problems removing or cleaning up baked on cake batter or burnt in Jam.


Kitchen Survival Kit 2 Has been designed for a kitchen that cooks on Gas. The three main products are the same except we have substituted the Ceramic Daily Use Cleaner for Problem Solved Gas Burner Cleaner.


With both of these Kits, we are throwing in a FREE Non stick reusable Oven liner which is worth £3.30 on its own. Place the oven liner on the bottom of your oven to catch any little overspills and save you some time and effort later.

I personally love GBBO, like many blokes around the country over the next few weeks, I know I will be turning to my missus after watching Paul Hollywood deride some poor guy about the quality of his buns and say

“I can do better than that!”

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