A nice sunny day, top down, the open road and the wind in your hair, Maybe a trip to the coast or just head off into the countryside, we all love a nice trip out. Problem is when you finally get back home again, does your car look like this at all?



It looks like you have half the country’s bug population splattered all over your paintwork and windscreen. Bugs on the windscreen are a major problem, especially if you still have miles to go before your destination, not only do they look horrible but they pose a danger to your visual acuity and the wipers and screen wash only tend to make matters worse.

stock-photo-92967415-dead-bugs-on-a-windshield bug-windshield-300x225


It is vital that you take the time to get the remains off your paintwork as soon as possible and I mean as soon as possible, not next Sunday when you were planning to wash the car, I mean right now.

All us motorists know about bird droppings and the effect they have on your lovely shiny paintwork, well you may not realise that insides of your average bug is highly acidic so you can imagine what damage the couple of hundred or so currently adorning your bonnet and front bumper is doing to your finish if you do not act quickly.

A bucket and sponge and warm soapy water won’t get the job done, it may remove the lumpy bits, but not without some considerable effort, especially if you have left them to mature for a few days, but at that point, the damage has already been done and your pristine shine has turned to this.


Once it has reached that stage, you are going to need professional help or worse a respray and both those options can cost ££££££’s.

A much more wallet friendly approach is to use a dedicated bug remover, one of the best is by McKlords who make the best selling Inspired range of cleaning products.


The V12 Advanced Bug and Tar Remover is specially formulated to remove the bugs with ease without undue elbow grease and will not leave any streaks. It does this in a fraction of the time it will take with ordinary soap and water and will not damage the paint or leave a residue when dry. It also works on the glass of your windscreen and the plastics of your headlamps and number plates.

Personally, I keep a bottle in the glovebox along with a good microfibre cloth, that way I can tackle the bugs as soon as I get home. Click the green link above and purchase some for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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