Three of them to be precise, Like buses, nothing new for ages then 3 come along at once.

These are so new that they have not hit general distribution yet and I get the pleasure of showcasing them first.

Inner Harmony

The fast pace of a day can sometimes throw off our inner balance – especially when we have many deadlines ahead of us.

YOGI TEA® Inner Harmony was combined to help us face the rhythm of the day in a relaxed way.

The enjoyment of soothing ingredients such as gentle lemon balm, fragrant lavender blossoms and sweet cinnamon allow us a little break – at any time of the day. The essence of this tea is: ‘Live the day in balance’.


White Tea with Aloe Vera

Our skin is the mirror of our soul. This unique YOGI TEA® blend combines carefully selected white tea with aloe vera, mildly spicy turmeric and fragrant common daisy.

Warming cinnamon gives this tea composition a fine, slightly sweet taste. So lean back and care for your soul while enjoying a cup of YOGI TEA® White Tea with Aloe Vera. The essence of this tea is: ‘Gentle sweetness’.


Turmeric Chai

Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai combines the renowned benefits of turmeric root [ 55% of the ingredients ] with a blend of typical Yogi Tea spices, for example cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and fennel.

This delicious recipe is further enhanced with apple, cooca shells, mace and cloves and is perfect for making “Golden Milk”, which is highlighted on the front of the pack and the preparation instructions are on the reverse.


Lovers of Yogi Tea will undoubtedly enjoy these new flavours and I must admit to being vey curious about Turmeric Chais “Golden Milk” recipe.

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