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Yogi Tea Promotion

Until the end of January, the 31st to be exact. Yogi Teas have offered a promotional discount on a select range of their fantastic ayurvedic teas.

Just Click on the box of your choice to be taken to the promotional page and enjoy a generous 15% discounted box of herbal ayurvedic goodness.

Don’t delay, you only have until the clock chimes midnight on the 31st of January.

Yogi Tea goes cold!

2019 marks a special anniversary, it was 50 years ago that Yogi Bhajan came to the west and started teaching Yoga and holistic living, for his students he served them a drink of his own infusion blend of herbs and spices and “Yogi” tea was born.

This year, Yogi have picked a leaf from Liptons tea bush and introduced a range of cold or “iced” teas to add to their ever expanding range of beverages.

Available in four delicious flavours, Hibiscus Mint with Raspberry Leaves, Mate Lemon with Green Tea, Spearmint Lemon with Peppermint and Orange Ginger with Basil.

100% organic agricultural ingredients, gluten free and vegan friendly. Each bottle also contains a hidden message of ayurvedic philosophic wisdom as practiced by Yogi Bhajan himself.

If you are an imbiber of iced teas, these new flavours bring a welcome change from the standard peach or lemon flavours currently in circulation and regular drinkers of Yogi teas will taste the familiar that is unique to Yogi tea.

On a warm day (a rarity in the UK I know) a cold iced tea really refreshes and I can see these becoming a high demand product should the weather take a turn for the warmer.

New Yogi Tea, For The Senses

Available from today, Yogi have introduced a new range of their delicious herbal teas called “For The Senses”.

Starting initially with four new and exciting flavours, what makes these blends different from the others in the Yogi range is they are made with plant essential oils, which, intensify the aroma and excite the taste buds giving a more rounded and fuller flavour.

Beginning with the “Blue” box, Pure Freshness combines the essential oils of Peppermint and Spearmint along with Ginger and Lemongrass, every sip is more refreshing than the last, keeping your taste buds tingling. A tea like a pleasant sea breeze.

Next, we have the “Purple” box, Good Night combines Lavender oil and Chamomile blossoms along with Hops to invites you to a pleasant journey to the realm of dreams. A harmonious companion for quite evening hours and a meditative end to the day.

Following on to the “Yellow” box, Pure Happiness allows your senses to soar with essential oils of refreshing lemon grass and fizzy lemon. Carefully combined with green Sencha tea and ginger, a wonderful tea experience has been created, with an aroma to conjure a smile just by preparing it.

Finally we have the “Green” box, Peaceful Moment will Enchant your senses with essential lavender oil. Carefully combined with fresh lemon balm and mild Rooibos, a wonderful tea experience has been created, allowing you to enjoy a harmonious moment of peace.

Yogi are so confident you will love For The Senses tea, they have increased the number of tea bags in the box to twenty, giving you three extra cups of this amazing tea.

Click on the name or the image and you will be taken to the product page on our website where you can place your order. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

New Flavours Of Yogi Tea

Three of them to be precise, Like buses, nothing new for ages then 3 come along at once.

These are so new that they have not hit general distribution yet and I get the pleasure of showcasing them first.

Inner Harmony

The fast pace of a day can sometimes throw off our inner balance – especially when we have many deadlines ahead of us.

YOGI TEA® Inner Harmony was combined to help us face the rhythm of the day in a relaxed way.

The enjoyment of soothing ingredients such as gentle lemon balm, fragrant lavender blossoms and sweet cinnamon allow us a little break – at any time of the day. The essence of this tea is: ‘Live the day in balance’.


White Tea with Aloe Vera

Our skin is the mirror of our soul. This unique YOGI TEA® blend combines carefully selected white tea with aloe vera, mildly spicy turmeric and fragrant common daisy.

Warming cinnamon gives this tea composition a fine, slightly sweet taste. So lean back and care for your soul while enjoying a cup of YOGI TEA® White Tea with Aloe Vera. The essence of this tea is: ‘Gentle sweetness’.


Turmeric Chai

Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai combines the renowned benefits of turmeric root [ 55% of the ingredients ] with a blend of typical Yogi Tea spices, for example cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and fennel.

This delicious recipe is further enhanced with apple, cooca shells, mace and cloves and is perfect for making “Golden Milk”, which is highlighted on the front of the pack and the preparation instructions are on the reverse.


Lovers of Yogi Tea will undoubtedly enjoy these new flavours and I must admit to being vey curious about Turmeric Chais “Golden Milk” recipe.

You Asked And We Answered. It’s Back!

We have bowed to public pressure and have re-instated our runaway offer from last year.

Get A FREE Yogi Tea Glass when you buy 2 or more packs of Yogi Tea.


Raise your glass, Serve your spirit.

Right now at Homecare Essentials we are offering a FREE Official Yogi Tea Glass to everyone who buys two or more packs of Yogi Tea.

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One glass per order

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BRAND NEW FLAVOUR from Yogi Tea “Choco Mint” – Best New Product BIOFACH 2015

Homecare Essentials are proud to be the very first UK Stockist of the latest new Tea from Yogi. Let us introduce Yogi Choco Mint Tea.

New Yogi Tea

New Award Winning Yogi Tea


The new Ayurvedic tea blend “Choco Mint” was awarded as “Best New Product 2015” in the category of drinks at the BIOFACH, the world’s leading trade fair for organic food.

Yogi Tea Choco Mint is fresh, clearing and relaxing. The sweet cacao shells in Yogi Choco Mint Tea exude the delicious fragrance of chocolate, enabling us to calm down again entirely naturally. The refreshing cooling mint it contains compliments this perfectly, as its essential oils relax the senses, freeing our minds of any unnecessary burden of thought. This allows us to put everything into proper perspective and relax with clear mind.

Vanilla and a hint of cardamom and black pepper add the finishing touches to this tea.

17 bags – Special offer Price £1.95 CLICK HERE

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 Get ready for a new tasting experience by YOGI TEA®. May the summer come soon!

Get A FREE Yogi Tea Glass when you buy 2 or more packs of Yogi Tea

Raise your glass, Serve your spirit.

Right now at Homecare Essentials we are offering a FREE Official Yogi Tea Glass to everyone who buys two or more packs of Yogi Tea.

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One glass per order


Get FREE Yogi Teabag samples with any purchase of Yogi Tea products on Homecare Essentials website

Right now we are offering FREE Yogi Tea samples* with any purchase of Yogi Tea products At Homecare Essentials – You may well find your new favourite flavour!

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Start your day feeling fresh, focused and revitalized with Yogi Tea.

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Here’s a little bit about Yogi tea.Website-YB-BroochLightened_250

Yogi Tea’s story begins in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan, an inspired and inspiring teacher of holistic living, started teaching yoga in America. He shared the wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda and healthy living that he had mastered in India with his students while serving a specially spiced tea, which they affectionately named “Yogi Tea.” The recipe contained five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. When blended and brewed, these delicious spices leave you feeling vibrant and alive, while boosting overall well-being. Intrigued by the complex flavor and inherent health benefits of this unique combination of spices, it wasn’t long before several of the yogi’s students were inspired to brew their own “Yogi Tea.”

In 1984 this grassroots endeavor blossomed into the Yogi Tea Company. Packages of the rough, dried spices began to appear in natural foods stores throughout Southern California. As demand increased, the spices were more finely ground, packaged and sealed into individual tea bags. By 1986, Yogi Tea was distributed nationwide in three flavors.

Yogi has continued to expand and evolve our tea offerings to address specific health needs by creating specialized herbal formulas, blended for both flavor and purpose. 



Yogi Christmas Tea Collection – An Ideal Gift for Tea Lovers

Yogi Christmas Tea Collection

Christmas Yogi Tea

The perfect Christmas present for the Tea Lovers in your life. The Yogi Christmas Collection would make an unusual and unique present.

The Yogi Christmas Collection gives you a perfect cup of Yogi Christmas! Nothing warms the heart like YOGI Tea, with its warm holiday notes and exotic spices.

The Yogi Christmas Collection is ideal to share with family and friends and will make a great gift for the tea lovers you know.

Selection includes some old Yogi favourites and some new flavours:

Classic, Choco, Licorice, Rooibos, Himalaya, Choco Chili, Sweet Chai, Green Chai, Licorice Mint, Ginger Lemon, Ginger Orange with Vanilla and Sweet Mint Snack Tea with Assam.

12 x 2 Teabags – Total 24

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FREE Pack of YOGI Sweet Lemon Mate Snack Tea

FREE Pack of 6 x Yogi Sweet Lemon Mate Snack Tea with each Case of YOGI Tea ordered during June 2013 from Homecare Essentials

For the month of June 2013 when you by any case of Yogi Tea from Homecare Essentials you will received a FREE pack of the latest Snack Tea from Yogi.  Not only are Yogi Teas great value from Homecare Essentials when buying a case of six you can now get some FREE Yogi Tea.


Yogi Tea Sweet Lemon Mate with Green Tea is a good choice when you have a little hunger and feel empty inside. Grab a smart choice of a stimulating and satisfying blend of green tea, mate, and uplifting fruity lemon.

Enjoy the full flavor experience of Yogi Tea Sweet Lemon Mate Snack Tea with Green Tea. It lifts you while giving you a flair for life with each sip.

Organic – Green Tea, Mate, Lemon

FREE* Pack of 6 Teabags (1.8g) with each case of Yogi Tea ordered.

*no limit to how many FREE packs available. Packs will automatically be added to your order prior to dispatch.