Yep, it’s that time again, the sun is shining (ok, that was a bit far fetched but at least it is not raining, fingers crossed.), the birds are singing and the early flowers are starting to bloom. It is time to throw open those windows and dispel the winter funk, so break out the marigolds and blow the dust off the Dyson, it’s


Start At The Top

Your upstairs is where the majority of your biggest jobs are going to be so get them out of the way first, the bedrooms. Believe it or not, the order you do things is quite important. First tidy, then dust, then clean and finally vacuum.

Getting the small stuff done first, allows you more time to tackle the big stuff. The Bed.

It is recommended you flip your mattress every 3 months, (unless you have bought one with a topper, refer to your mattress label for directions.) also swap the head to foot as well, this helps to keep the shape and avoid permanent indentations from sleeping. You can also run the vacuum over the mattress at a low power setting, pay particular attention to the edges and seams, this is where (and apologies if this makes you squirm) the bed bugs and parasites congregate. If you have any “other marks or discolourations” on the mattress, you may want to try Inspired Mattress Stain Remover 300ml to remove them if possible.

Take this opportunity to completely replace the bedding and launder the ones you have taken off the bed.

Next Up, the Bathroom.

Again, tidy is the first step, throw out any bottles of product that are empty or have just another squirt in them, be ruthless. do the same with the cabinets, throw out any old medicines or lotions that are sitting in the back of the cabinet that never got used. Wipe the shelves down with a damp cloth, take down and wash the shower curtain, if you have a glass shower enclosure use HG Glass and Mirror Spray to remove any soap or water marks. Don’t forget to give the tiles a once over and check for any potential mould in the grout or silicone seals.

Tackling the Toilet is the job that no-one wants to do but is probably the most important one.

Remove everything from around the toilet.

Cleaning the toilet is a messy job, and there’s always the chance of splashing cleanser or toilet water outside of the actual toilet. Prevent extra cleanup by removing all excess items from around the toilet. Don’t forget to remove anything on top of the tank to prevent dropping items into the bowl during cleaning.

Flush and add cleaning solution.

Flush the toilet with the lid down to prevent splashing or spraying. Add your choice of powdered, liquid, or gel cleanser to the bowl. Try to apply the cleaner as close to the toilet rim as possible to prevent diluted cleanser. For the best results I would recommend HG Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner 500ml squirt under the rim and leave.

Clean the exterior of the toilet.

While the cleansing solution soaks into the toilet grime in the bowl, clean the outside of the toilet ( For the rest of the toilet, I recommend HG Hygienic Toilet Area Toilet Cleaner 500ml) Start at the top to prevent dripping on already clean surfaces. Spray the tank, handle, and tank edges with cleaner and wipe down. Next do the outside lid of the toilet. Finally wipe down the entire bowl. Start with the sides and front before cleaning the bottom edges of the toilet where it meets the floor.

Clean the toilet seat.

The toilet seat should never be neglected. It is the part of the toilet that comes into actual contact with people, and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Raise the seat. Spray the seat, inside lid and the rim of the toilet with cleanser. Wipe down the lid, seat, and hinges at the back of the toilet seat. Some toilets have hinges that will pop open to allow better access for cleaning.

Clean the inside of the toilet bowl.

Begin cleaning the bowl from the top down. Always begin scrubbing under the rim first. Look under the rim to get all the stains and grime scrubbed away. Next scrub the bowl. Finally scrub the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Flush the toilet with the lid down.

Wipe up any drips or spills.

Wipe up any drips of cleanser or water that may have occurred.

That should pretty much cover you for the upstairs. Next time, the downstairs including the dreaded Kitchen (oh the horror!!)

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