*The before and after photographs are 100% genuine. The images have only been manipulated to remove the background and to obscure the identity of the deceased.*

A large amount of us spend a lot of money on the passing of a loved one. Some of the costs you can’t avoid and others are because we want a tangible reminder of the person once they are gone. A burial plot and a headstone in the local cemetery are the usual methods to accomplish this.

Headstones are usually constructed from Marble or Granite and whilst they serve as the perfect memorial to your departed loved one, they do degrade over time because of weathering. Virtually all objects, if left exposed to the natural elements will weather and degrade and headstones are a prime example of this.

Take a walk through any churchyard or cemetery and you can easily tell the older headstones from the younger ones. Even young headstones can quickly become discoloured and illegible due to weathering. However all is not lost and you can return your loved one’s memorial to an almost pristine state, simply and cheaply with this. (Click Below ↓ )

HG Headstone Cleaning Spray.


HG Hagesan Headstone Cleaning Spray removes thoroughly and effortlessly dirt, bird droppings, and other heavy soiling from natural stone and marble headstones and statues. HG Headstone Cleaning Spray is also suitable for use on plasterwork and masonry.

Now, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. A few days ago, a customer came to us for advice on restoring their relatives headstones in the local area, they purchased the headstone cleaning spray on our recommendation and kindly agreed to take photos.



The first three photos, the headstones were erected in the 1980’s.

Headstone1 Headstone2 Headstone4

The next photo, the headstone was erected in 1939 and was completely illegible from 6 feet away.


None of these headstones have been professionally restored or cleaned, these were done just using HG Headstone Cleaning Spray and a tiny bit of elbow grease.

Having the headstone professionally cleaned can cost upwards of £150 depending on the size and replacing the stone outright can be more.

*photos reproduced with permission*

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