The weather is turning inclement, winter is heading toward us at speed (if not already here) and the bane of leather footwear everywhere will soon be grinding the country to a halt once again.


As picturesque as a snowy town looks, it all too soon becomes this.


Slush! cars churning up the snow and worse, mixed in with this will be road salt, used to clear the snow and make the pavements walkable again. Problem is, the havoc it wreaks with your footwear.

leathersalty2┬áSalt stains will effectively ruin a pair of shoes or boots if you don’t attend to them pretty much straight away but if you do happen to forget about them until the next day, don’t worry, we have just the thing to take care of your footwear.

We have teamed up with Fiebing’s, a leather care specialist in the USA who have been producing the best quality leather care products for 120 years.

Fiebing’s Salt Stain Remover is so easy to use, with a built in applicator that gives you the correct amount every time, the specially formulated liquid draws out the salt and literally dissolves it leaving just the pristine leather.

Just apply the liquid using the built in applicator to the salt stain, wipe away using a clean, soft cloth and then just buff up using your shoe polish of choice.

Stain gone, job done.

The pictures are for illustrative purposes but you get the idea.

So don’t throw away an expensive pair of shoes this winter, buy a bottle of salt stain remover instead.

Available in 18 ml size with applicator (click here to purchase) or as 118 ml in liquid form only (click here to purchase).

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