So you have built a pond, look great don’t they, the centerpiece of the garden, they are great to sit out beside on a warm Summer day, the gentle tinkle of the water feature and the splash of the Koi you spent more money on than you should have done because the guy in the garden centre said “you have to have Koi, can’t have a pond without Koi”.


Problem is, they can soon become something that resembles scenes from that Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance, you know, the one with the banjos.


Green Algae, the bane of every pond owners existence, it develops during the Winter months but will erupt suddenly in the Spring as the weather warms up, literally overnight, your once crystal clear, beautiful pond now looks like 5,000 litres of Pea Soup.

pea soup

Well don’t worry, you do not have to spend ages, draining the pond, scrubbing it clean and re-filling it, there is a much more simple solution.

Garden Genie Pond Clarifier.


It uses naturally occurring bacteria, about 8 billion of them in a single sachet, what they will do is break down and kill the algae, both the Phytoplanktonic (the pea soup variety) and the Benthic (the stringy hairlike variety), the dead algae then rise to the surface where they can be skimmed off, a similar principle to how Professional Chefs create Consomé using egg white, just on a larger scale.

Just drop a sachet into the pond and wait. It will dissolve and begin to break down the algae. Because it is 100% naturally organic bacteria, it is harmless to Fish and other life in your pond and it even digests excess organic matter like fish poop, leaving your pond as clean and clear as the day you first filled it.

The best time to do this is late March / early April, before the algae really has time to develop but will still work if used later in the year.

The Garden Genie Pond Clarifier is the simplest and least expensive option over inline clarifiers that need to be plumbed into your pond’s water filters. For the price of a goldfish, you can return your pond to its pristine condition and enjoy seeing the Koi that you haven’t told the wife how expensive they were.

Just mind the Herons.


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