*Warning: The subject matter discussed in this blog may induce feelings of YUK! and OMG! and in extreme cases EEEWWWWW!! It is recommended not to read during your lunch break*

You may not be aware of this, but when you brush your teeth, you are putting more than just a brush and toothpaste into your mouth, your toothbrush is also home to microscopic particles of fecal matter, you read that right, you are brushing your teeth with poop and it probably isn’t yours either.

There is a phenomena known as Toilet Plume, this occurs every time you flush. When a falling body of water meets a still body of water, it creates a plume of spray, imagine Niagara Falls but in your bathroom.

Toilet plumeThese droplets are so small, you can’t see them and because they are so small they can be carried in the air for up to 90 minutes before settling. Think of the size of your bathroom and what you have in there. Imagine if someone in your household is Ill, how often do you have to flush to completely clear the bowl?, twice?, three times? all you are doing is perpetuating the plume with each successive flush and of course you are spreading the germs further into the room.


You can’t stop this from happening, but you can severely restrict it with one simple action, close the lid BEFORE flushing the Toilet.

This one act, will contain the plume to the immediate toilet area because the contents of the bowl will not be able to atomise completely and will be larger in droplet size which will be much heavier and settle almost immediately where they can be dealt with easily and hygienically.

A good spritz with HG Toilet Area Cleaner (⇐ click the link to purchase) a couple of times a day or after each use if you wish, will keep your toilet area and bathroom an awful lot cleaner and germ free.

You can also minimise the chances of picking up any unpleasant bugs by keeping toothbrushes and mouthwash in closed cabinets or at least covered when not in use.

Right, now that I am done making everyone feel queasy, i’m off to Boots to replace my toothbrush.


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