Announcing the addition of two new products to our ranks, from our friends at Method.

First up is a Washing Up liquid or Dish Soap as it is called in the colonies, Honeycrisp Apple.


All the same great cleaning power of Methods normal washing up liquid but as the name suggests the fragrance is of fresh crisp apple and the sweet aroma of honey, reminiscent of a fairground Toffee Apple stall.

Secondly is a new All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Sunset Beach.


Great cleaning power that you can use on Counters, Tiles, Stone, Wood and Glass. This cleaner has a unique fragrance that immediately invokes a vision of a warm tropical beach and suntan oil.

Both of these are available to buy right now, but, there is a sting in the tail. Both these products are strictly limited editions due to the one off designs and once stock has gone, it is extremely unlikely we can get them again.


In the past, these limited design bottles have become collectable by aficionados of domestic design and can be hotly sought after, so don’t delay and pick up one right now, they could be worth a pretty penny down the road.

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