Earth Day - No Year

Today is Earth Day, across the globe, people and companies are doing their bit to help the environment and save our wonderful little blue ball we call home.

At Homecare Essentials, we stock a large range of environmentally friendly and “green” cleaning products for the home, you may have heard of them or even purchased one or two of them.

Earth Friendly Products.  EFP_Logo

Ecover Cleaning Products.


Method Cleaning Products. 


Made from 100% natural ingredients and completely biodegradable and recyclable cartons, these are about as green as you can go.

To help you do your bit for Earth Day, for the remainder of today and right through the weekend until midnight on Sunday 24th April, we are offering a 10% discount on any item purchased from the three ranges mentioned above. Click the links above to be taken directly to the product pages from where you can select the item you wish, add your item to the cart, on the cashout page enter the code EARTHDAY in the coupon box and click update and your discount will be applied. *NOTE: If you remove an item from the cart, you MUST re-enter the coupon code again BEFORE clicking “CASHOUT”*

This blue ball we inhabit is one of a kind in this infinite universe, it is the only one we have that we can call home so we need to look after it in whatever way we can. #EarthDay

“We have not inherited The Earth from our fathers, We are borrowing it from our children” – Lester Brown


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