Who? is the answer that frequently follows mention of their name, well get comfy and let me Fill you in.

In the early 1960s Bondaglass was a leading brand of polyester fillers for vehicle repair and polyester resins for laminating with glass fibre. In those days the polyester filler was supplied as three products, a filler powder and resin to mix together to form a paste “the good old days.”

Bondaglass also introduced Bonda Rust Primer, an anti-corrosion primer. This became a leading anti-rust product and is still highly respected by the car restorer. Of its type it is among the best on the market. Other products were glass fibre for use in repairing cars, boats and many other articles around the home.

In 1973 Bondaglass joined with Vosschemie, a manufacture of similar quality products in Germany and throughout Europe. Bondaglass -Voss was founded.

Vosschemie expertise allowed Bondaglass to make further progress with polyester filler quality and introduce a more extensive range particularly for the car body repair industry.

G4 Damp Seal was also introduced from Vosschemie and while it is a very effective for sealing out damp it became a brand leading product as G4 Pond Sealant. Vosschemie has a wide range of products and many of these where introduced into the market. Bonda introduced an extremely successful range of two part and one-part Wood Fillers, in a range of wood colours. Bondaglass also introduced Bonda Décor Fill, a filler specially for the decorator. In 2018 Bondaglass had the good fortune to become part of the Rustins range of products.

For wood, vehicle, boat and pond, if you are building or restoring then chances are it will be a Bonda product you will be using.

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