‪It is with a degree of sadness that we announce today that we will be drastically reducing our use of DPD Couriers.

When we first started using DPD I had not even heard of them and at that time they were not considered a major player in the marketplace. The service we received from them for the first couple of years was outstanding and with their introduction of an hour delivery window (and the demise of Citylink) they have become one of the biggest delivery companies in the UK.

Unfortunately they just don’t seem to be coping with this massive increase in volume and we are having problems with nearly every aspect of their service. We are receiving no support from them at all and I cannot find anyone who seems to care. It appears that they are quite happy to lose us as a customer but I guess when you have the business of ASOS, Marks and Spencers, John Lewis, Amazon etc. an account like ours is entirely dispensable.

What is the saying? Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them again on your way down! Might be worth remembering that DPD.

From today we will be trialing UK Mail. We would welcome any feedback you may have about your delivery experience with us where UK Mail have delivered your Homecare Essentials order.

You can e-mail me personally on: richard@homecareessentials.co.uk

Richard Crisp
Managing Director

Homecare Essentials Ltd

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