All new Granite Gold products have arrived straight from the U.S.A and are here to clean with no damage,  streaks or bad smells to your granite and other natural stone work, Whether it’s for kitchen or outdoor natural stone work we will have the right product to select from.


Granite_gold_Outdoor_Product_THUMBGranite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner for outdoors quickly and safely deep-cleans all natural stone and concrete patios, decks, walkways and driveways without damaging natural stone, unlike typical outdoor cleaners, Cleaning stone patios, driveways and walkways is easier and safer with Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner.


Granite-Gold-Speciality-Cleaner_THUMBGranite Gold Specialty Cleaner is a safe alternative for premium surfaces such as Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Glass, Appliances fixtures, Natural Stone, Brass and Copper.



Granite_Gold_Daily_refill_thmbGranite Gold Daily Cleaner Refill quickly removes all types of spills and soils, and leaves a fresh citrus scent.This granite cleaner should be used regularly instead of typical, everyday household cleaning products, which can damage natural stone and lead to expensive repair or replacement.


Granite_Gold_disinfecting_wipes_THUMBGranite Gold Disinfecting Wipes cares for your granite countertops and other natural-stone surfaces includes making sure they’re free of germs and bacteria without damaging the stone. Our disinfecting wipes are the only convenient, disposable wipes that kill germs and won’t harm sealed stone surfaces.


Granit_gold_Sponge_New_Product_THUMBGranite Gold Scrub Sponge has been designed specifically for natural stone surfaces, Granite cleaner scrub sponge is non-abrasive, safe on natural stone and can easily remove stuck food particles. Household scrubbing pads are like sandpaper with varying grades and grits, and they shouldn’t be used as a granite cleaner.They are too abrasive for natural stone surfaces, leaving scratches that require costly repair.



Granite_Gold_Polish_thmbGranite Gold Polish quickly and easily adds shine and lustre to granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces, and quartz surfaces such as Silestone.Use Granite Gold Polish weekly to bring out stone’s natural beauty and provide ongoing protection against water spots. Granite Gold Polish is also formulated to treat Corian, Cambria and other solid surfaces.