Tableau have created a wide variety of specialist household cleaners and polishes to enable you to cherish your home.

Tableau Products are used within some of the most prestigious homes and properties in the UK. As a family business Tableau have taken great pride in their work and strive to provide high quality products and maintain their excellent reputation.

For many of the Tableau Products they have taken traditional formulations and then improved them using modern technology. This ensures classic results, but by easier, faster and more economical methods.

The Tableau Product Range includes:- leather cleaners * fine furniture care * furniture polishes * metal care *floor and tile care * fabric stain removers, protectors and cleaners * sticky label remover * upholstery cleaners * silicone lubricant * wood care * kitchen care * red tile polish and much more

For more information on Tableau Products you can call us on 01733 241960

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