With Summer peeking just over the horizon, there is a definite upturn in the weather and we even managed a few days of sunshine towards the end of last month, it appears that most of you are in full spring cleaning mode. A hugely different chart this month, music maestro please.

*cue Led Zeppelin – A Whole Lotta Love*

Down 5 to Nº10  – HG Mould Spray.

New at Nº9 – Kilrock Granite and Marble Cleaner.

Also new at Nº8Aristowax Non-Silicone Wood Silk Furniture Polish.

Another new entry at Nº7Aristowax Wood Silk Non-Silicone Lavender Polish.

Down 4 at Nº6Inspired Mattress Stain Remover.

In at Nº5Stikatak Superspray Adhesive.

Up 2 to Nº4 – Get Off Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals.

New at Nº3Windolene Original Cream.


Returning to Nº2Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack.


Still at Nº1 for the second month running – HG Window Cleaner.


That’s two in a row for HG, can they make it three? May is a funny month and anything can happen, stay tuned.


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