They scuttle, they crawl, they creep, they appear out of nowhere and you are never more than 6ft away from them. I’m talking Spiders *shiver*.

If, like me, you don’t like them (mine is full blown Arachnophobia after having a very close encounter with a Mexican Red Toed Tarantula, think Raiders Of The Lost Ark and you get the picture.) This time of year is when they start to invade your home and make my life and a lot of other people’s lives, a complete misery.

There are plenty of “Old Wives Tales” about Spiders bringing good luck or money and seeing a spider enter the house “apparently” means you are going on a journey or coming in to some money or going to receive good news. As far as I’m concerned, seeing a spider enter the house just means I can’t relax and enjoy watching Jeremy Kyle.

Well, help is at hand, there are plenty of products on the market that repel spiders and that don’t include my Dad’s aftershave. In Fact it’s a question we get asked a lot this time of year, “how do i get rid of spiders!!”.





A few tips for you.

  1. Regular use of the vacuum cleaner is essential. Do not go easy on the corners, the top of the furniture, sweep the windows. Do you have small, dark storage areas? Give them a good cleaning! You might be surprised to know how many insects can live in these areas without you knowing it.
  2. Order! Keep clutter to a minimum! Place boxes off the floor and away from walls. This will reduce the chance for them to reside in those narrow areas.
  3. Spiders may be carried in on things, i.e. flowers, boxes and plants therefore always check everything you bring into your home.

Conkers! Horse Chestnuts! End August, Early September is the time they drop, 1 or 2 placed on the window sill “apparently” will prevent spiders from entering, however, if you extend that logic, they will also prevent spiders from leaving. This is also true of aftermarket repellent sprays. If you spray around door and windows as instructed, they can’t escape!.

Use strategically inside the room you want to clear and protect, like corners of skirting board and ceilings but leave the doorways and windows clear and if after a couple of days, you haven’t seen a spider, then use on the doorways and windows and you should be spider free.

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