For a while now, we have been trialling Tableau’s Windolene replacement, their Pink Window Cream and it has proven to be a phenomenal success.┬áThe product is so popular that keeping up with demand is a full-time job in itself, therefore we have decided to add it full-time to our existing catalogue of products.

It seems that many of you are buying the item in bulk to reduce the carriage charge (as Royal Mail cannot convey the product, we have to dispatch it via courier), we have introduced multipacks to help you out.

Available as a Pack of 4 and as a Case of 6, these offer significant savings over buying the items individually, of course you can still buy it as a single bottle too. (Click the Pack sizes to purchase).

Multipacks mean you will not run out at inconvenient times and will generally have a bottle spare when you need it or just to pass on to your neighbour when they ask how your windows are always so much cleaner than theirs (just remember to point them here so they can buy their own).

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