Redtop Fly Catchers have been used for successful fly control since 1981, These flycatchers are used in 27 countries worldwide protecting gardens, smallholdings, farms, stables, kennels, disaster and war zones – anywhere that has flies.



The photo shown here is supplied from a member of staff who had great results from this product last summer.

        ” I would highly recommend this product to anyone with fly and fruit flies problems during summer time”

         “When i first hung up the trap I didn’t see an immediate effect but after a couple of weeks i was amazed by the results!”


Redtop Fly Catchers even works with fruit flies and pesticide resistant flies, catching them up to ten times faster than other traps.

Requires no electricity, non toxic and, at less than 1p per 100 flies, are an economical solution to your fly problem.


It couldn’t be easier to set up.

Add 1 litre of water to the Redtop bait and hang away from your protected

Works for 12 weeks – sometimes even longer – and catches up to 20,000 flies.

The Redtop should be placed about 10m (30ft) away from the area that you want to protect.

Hang about 2 – 2.4m (6 – 8ft) above the ground in direct sunlight.

The pheromone in the trap is triggered by UV light – the sunnier it is, the faster it starts working!