HG Grout Cleaner Spray – Ready to Use

The Grout Cleaner from HG Hagesan has consistently been one of our bestsellers. Always in the Top 10 HG Products.



However prior to use the HG Grout Cleaner had to be diluted with water and applied with a Scrubbing Brush.

Always with an eye to making cleaning products that can make life easier HG Hagesan have just launched the HG Grout Cleaner Spray. This is a Ready to Use, pre-diluted version of the HG Grout Cleaner. Simply spray on, leave to work and brush.

HG Grout Cleaner Spray is a powerful and “buffered” cleaning agent. These properties ensure that it retains the same powerful effect during soaking and brushing, which produces a fantastic result. This product can be used on nearly all types of grout between wall tiles, floor tiles and brick.

HG Grout Cleaner Spray is available to buy now for £4.96. CLICK HERE.