It’s actually an existing product with a new label and name.

Every now and again, a manufacturer will just up and rebrand a product, sometimes to revitalise interest in a slow moving product, other times because they have changed the ingredients or the formula and other times to keep the marketing department from getting bored on a Wednesday afternoon.

Change is a good thing right? it can be. Sometimes it just clicks with the target audience and other times it falls a bit flat (new coke anyone?), who remembers Marathon bars or Treets? they were very successful yet were rebranded by their manufacturers and became even more successful, Snickers and M&M’s are what they are known as now.

As an online retailer, having a manufacturer change a product can be problematic, unlike a supermarket where all you have to do is change a label on a shelf or put up a new poster or banner to show the change, We have to change all the images showing that product, all the pages where that product may appear all have to be updated, the information text may need to be re-written and on some platforms that is not an easy thing to do *cough amazon cough*.

Allow me to present, what used to be called “Bin Fresh”, is now called “Against Bin Smell” (click the link to purchase)


So what has changed? The old Bin Fresh was a Trigger Spray product and the NEW Against Bin Smell is a powder which absorbs the bad smells rather than the previous spray which just masked them.

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