We all like to talk, humans are a social creature, we congregate and surround ourselves with others, we like groups. We also like to share knowledge and experiences, opinions with each other, good or bad.

In the bygone days of yore, pre 1990, if a business wanted to know what it’s customers thought, they would retain a market analyst, their job would be to talk to customers and relate with them directly to gauge customer satisfaction. Retail shops, you would talk to the sales staff behind the counter or the store manager.

Today, around 80% of retail shopping is done online or remotely so almost all business’ that operate online, use a feedback system of one form or another.

We have three. We operate on three platforms, Amazon, Ebay and our own website, customer feedback is very important to us and we do read every feedback left by our customers, how else would we know if we are doing a good job?

With online retailing, feedback is also vital to you the customer. When you have multiple retailers all selling the same product, you need to know who to buy from, do you look for the cheapest? it’s great to save a few pennies but what if they have a low feedback score? pennies over service?.

Personally, when I buy online, I look at feedback first. I would rather pay a tiny bit more and use a company that has a high feedback score, than save a few pennies and use a low scoring company. Why? because a high feedback means they have consumer trust, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold to a retailer. They work as advertised¬†and deliver on their service to me, the customer and I can trust them with my pennies. A high feedback score also shows potential customers, this is a good company to use. A low scoring company might be cheaper but what happens if you don’t get what you paid for? or you don’t get your items at all? this is where feedback becomes vital.

Leaving feedback is a good habit to get in to, especially if the retailer uses Amazon or Ebay to sell through, It not only tells the retailer how your experience with them was, it also lets others know as well.

You may have seen on the BBC’s Website an article regarding feedback and it’s unscrupulous use by companies to garner a false impression of their services. All the feedback you see on our stores is 100% genuine, provided by our customers. Our feedback system is provided by Amazon, Ebay and Feefo, because they are externally monitored and verified, we do not have the facility to “manipulate” feedback to cast a false positive light, Negative feedback is as important to us as good feedback and bad feedback can only be removed if it violates a strict set of policies policed by the aforementioned companies.

The full article can be found by clicking HERE

Feedback is a tool for you to show others what you thought of the companies service.

In all instances, contact with the seller is your first port of call when you have a problem. Just leaving a negative remark without talking to the seller does not help you and may not be picked up on for weeks afterward, remember, if you don’t tell us you have a problem, we don’t know you have a problem.

At Homecare Essentials, we pride ourselves on our feedback from our customers. Over the last few years we have received nearly a quarter of a million feedback responses from customers and all 3 platforms we operate on we have over 97% positive feedback.

We all have room for improvement!

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