It is the time of year again – cold, wet and damp. Drying clothes outdoors is becoming increasingly difficult. The Tumble Dryer is getting more and more use.

Venting the Tumble Dryer is really important.  If it is not vented to the outside it will cause condensation to build up in the house which will damage carpets, curtains, wallpaper etc and can cause potentially damaging black mould. Dryers situated in a garage or shed will cause items in there to rust. Obviously this is not ideal.

One solution is to hang the hose out of an open window – an open invitation to burglars!

Unlike really expensive Tumble Dryers that have built-in steam converters, most standard models are supplied with a vent hose of 4in* diameter, requiring a similar size hole to be made to your outside wall or a window left wide open.

*some dryers have a 3.5in Vent Hose – if you have a 3.5 inch hose you will need an Adapter.

We have two solutions from which to choose from:

1. You can buy our Tumble Dryer Vent Kit – a neat inexpensive solution. The only drawback being that it will require emptying and refilling on a regular basis and will need to be sited in a room with some ventilation.

2. The permanent solution is one of our Tumble Dryer Outdoor Vent Kits. These kits contain all you need to professionally vent the Tumble Dryer through the wall or a window. A little DIY experience is all that is required.

We also can supply various Tumble Dryer Vent Hoses in case you need a longer hose to relocate your Tumble Dryer.

See our Online Guide for more information.