It’s probably the one night parents fear the most, A years worth of work, getting the kids to eat right and not over indulge on “junk” foods is all undone by one late autumn night.

There is the getting them ready, with costume making and make up, the traipsing around the neighbourhood, guilting the neighbours into giving them sweeties or terrorising old Mrs Jenkins at number 4 because she doesn’t like kids.

Then there are the arguments because Robin got more sweets than Emily despite the fact both have eaten enough chocolate to supply a small country for a year and then there is the aftermath.

The Washing!!

The chocolate coated, toffee encrusted mess that you probably should have put into soak last night but were too busy with stopping the kids from lapsing into a sugar induced coma and the awful sound from Robin’s room that sounds like the cat has a hairball but you know it isn’t.

Don’t Panic!, we have a few items here to sort it all out and get the clothes clean again.

Stergene_Hand_wash Woolite_750ml Stain-away-no4_380 Stain-away-no5_380

Firstly, we have a couple of detergents designed for hand washing, this is recommended over machine washing simply because it allows you to concentrate on the most affected areas.

Stergene Gentle Care is designed for delicates like kids clothing, wool especially loves this detergent and is specifically hand wash only. We also recommend Woolite Delicate Care, this can be used for both hand and machine wash. Both are non-biological and tough on the stains whilst being gentle on the fabrics.

Now, if either of those don’t quite get the job done, then it’s time to break out the big guns.

HG Stain Away Nº4 and HG Stain Away Nº5 dilute in a litre of water and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Nº4 is formulated to break down Chocolate whilst Nº5 works really well on makeup stains like greasepaint. After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with hot water and presto! the stain should be gone.

*Note: Do Not Use both at the same time or mix together.

General rule of thumb when it comes to tricky stains like chocolate, is get to it as soon as possible but at least you know we have you covered if you can’t.

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