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Good for both your taste buds and your health

Olives are not only a delicacy, they are also extremely good for you. This is why cardiovascular disease is much rarer in the Mediterannean than in Central Europe. If nothing else, this effect can be traced back to an increased consumption of olives: it provides some evidence that oleic acid provides increased protection against arteriosclerosis.
Moreover, the flesh of the olive fruit is rich in many of the “good” monounsaturated fatty acids. These lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.
Olives are also rich in vitamin E which boosts the immune system.



What Olives are available to buy at Homecare Essentials?

Spanish-Manzanill-Gourmet-Olives-with-Pimento-Paste_105Spanish Manzanill Gourmet Olives with Pimento Paste

Spanish-Hojiblanca-Black-Gourmet-Olives_105Spanish Hojiblanca Black Gourmet Olives

Greek-Kalamata-Gourmet-Olives_105Greek Kalamata Gourmet Olives

Chalkidiki-Garlic_105Greek Chalkidiki Garlic Gourmet Olives

Chalkidiki-Jalapeno_105Greek Chalkidiki Jalapeño Gourmet Olives

Spanish-Hojiblanca-Gourmet-Olives_105Spanish Hojiblanca Gourmet Olives

Moroccan-A-La-Grecque-Gourmet-olives_105Moroccan À La Grecque Gourmet Olives


Dumet has nearly 40 years experience in processing olives

+ First quality olives from the Mediterranean area

+ Modern factory which is unique in the olive industry -uses 80% less energy

+ Olives that are processed in the traditional “Natural fermentation” way. No pasteurisation and no artificial additives or preservatives

+ Olives that are packaged in stand up re-sealable, easy to open and convenient pouches -Dumetthe pioneer of table olives in stand up pouches

+ 12 months ambient shelf life -without pasteurisation

+ Olives with the “authentic olive taste”

+ Olives with “Provenance” -not just green or black –