Cooker Hood Grease Filters work in two ways. Firstly they prevent a build up of grease in the cookerhood, reducing the risk of fire through fat build up and damage to the motor. In re-circulating hoods they stop grease particles being exhausted back into the kitchen.

Therefore it is important that they are changed on a regular basis.

Cooker Hood Grease Filters come in several mediums.

1. Does your cooker hood have ‘paper’ type grease filters?

The solution for paper type grease filters is our Cooker Hood Replacement Grease Filters.  Simply cut to size and replace. The unique saturation indicator lets you know when they need changing again.




2. Does your cooker hood have foam type grease filters?

You can either replace with another Foam Grease Filter or you can replace the foam filter with the paper type Cooker Hood Replacement Grease Filters. Simply cut to size.





3. Does your cooker hood have metal ‘mesh’ type grease filters?

The metal mesh type of grease filter ideally should be degreased every 6 months. These can be cleaned using Oven Mate Mesh Cooker Hood Filter Cleaner. Simply spray on and leave to work for a few minutes and rinse through with hot water.

The actual metal mesh filters only require replacing when damaged or missing.

Metal Mesh Filters can be expensive and difficult to source. If you do require replacement metal mesh filters please send us your Cooker Hood make and model number and we will get a price for you. You can contact us by clicking HERE.

4. Looking for a Eco-Friendly option?

The Eco-Fil Filter is made from recycled plastic bottles.



At the same time as changing the filter we would recommend de-greasing the surrouding area with HG Grease Away.