Not often I get to say those words, HG have a tried and trusted product range and do not often add to it, but over the next few months, I will be showcasing a number of new products from HG.

Today, I am proud to introduce you to HG Drain Odour Remover.

I can’t think of many smells in the home that will singe the nose hairs as bad as drain odour, I even rate it above the Christmas dinner brussels sprout aftermath.

Smelly drains are normally due to organic buildup on the walls of the pipes and drains decomposing and while there are plenty of products to deal with a blocked drain readily available, there are not any that I know of that deal with the smell at the source.(febreeze over the plughole does not count!)

Well HG have stepped up, Drain Odour Remover is a simple little product that anyone can use, you just pour the required capfuls of granules down the plughole and wait 30 minutes and then just flush through with hot water.

The nose hair curling odour should be gone along with the deposits that caused them and replaced with a fresh clean fragrance with a hint of pine and mountain flowers.

To keep your drains and plugholes smelling fresh and clean, it is recommended to use the Drain Odour Remover at least once every 4 weeks and the 500g bottle will keep you going for 10 treatments.

So now you can save your embarrassment of unexplained nasty niffs when the Vicar calls and stop blaming the dog for the pong in the kitchen.

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