Homecare Essentials De-Icing Solvent 5 Litre

Homecare_essentials_de_Icing_320Homecare Essentials De-Icing Solvent 5 Litre is a combination of solvents, surface active agents an anti-icing additives designed as a versatile solution for rapid clearing and removal of frost and ice from a wide range of surfaces. Special additives remain on the surface after treatment to inhibit further re-icing.

This De-Icing Solvent is swift acting. it contains no abrasive materials and is safe on most rubbers, plastic and paints. It is used for de-icing and defrosted a wide range of surfaces, including car windows, and is an ideal product to use in screen reservoirs during winter.

It can also be used to free mechanisms and moving parts such as locks, Which become jammed by freezing.

Made in the UK, 5 Litre