The incredible Astonish Grease Buster tablets have returned, a new package and a new title but the same outstanding cleaning power has not changed.


Homecare Essentials brings you the Astonish Grease Lifter tablets, now with 10 tablets to a box.

Cleans Pans, Bakeware and Deep Fat Fryers, Fast and easy with no exhausting scrubbing, makes Pans etc  look as good as new in minutes.

Astonish Grease Lifter Tablets are specially formulated to remove the toughest burnt on grease and grime from pans,  bakeware,  deep fat fryers, oven racks and cookware

Check out the video below, you won’t believe how easy it is to remove baked on burnt grease.

The Astonish Grease Lifter Tablets are a kitchen essential you cannot be without.

Order now only £2.96