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For years the brand name Oven Mate has been synonymous with oven and hob cleaning and are second to none for quality and results in the home. Now, Oven Mate have taken their expertise outside the home to provide you with the all you need kit to clean and protect your BBQ.

As someone, like many, who loves to BBQ, the worst part of the whole experience is the clean up afterward, like you, I dread the effort of scrubbing and scraping to remove those welded on food deposits after the racks have gone cold.

Fortunately, Oven Mate have stepped in and made our lives so much easier and saved us all the effort. The Oven Mate BBQ Clean and Protect Kit has everything you need to clean your BBQ for the next time you use it and also provide all you need to give it a deep clean before you put it away for the end of the season.

Contained within the handy carry / storage case is two Grill Gremlins, these specially designed scourer pads are shaped and grooved to to fit the bars of the cooking rack to get in between and clean those hard to reach parts, A steel brush and scraper, a can of Oven Mate BBQ Oven and Grill Cleaner used to loosen food deposits and cut through grease, this can also be used on racks when they are still hot. You also get a bottle of Oven Mate BBQ Deep Cleaner, this is used in conjunction with the rack bags also supplied to deep clean the racks before the season end rest, you also get two pairs of protective gloves and two pairs of arm protectors to use when doing that deep clean. Finally to help keep the racks looking their best when you use them again, Oven Mate have provided you with two Grill mats, these are placed over the grills before cooking and you cook the food directly on the mat, I have used grill mats myself and they are great, they evenly conduct the heat from the flames or coals right across the surface of the mat to give you an even cooking and will still give you the grill marks on meat while it cooks.

All this for £27.99, this is one of those quality of life products that really does make a difference.

Fire At Major Supplier!!

Pic source sky news

At around 9.20pm last night, A huge fire broke out at Rustins central warehouse and offices in Waterloo Road, North London.

It took almost 100 firefighters to bring the blaze under control and extinguish the fire.

The end result was a total destruction of the offices and central storage warehouse. We were in fact due to collect a large order today which will leave us unable to complete some orders.

In real terms this affects the following brands we carry across our sales platforms.






Oven Mate

House Mate




What this means is that for the foreseeable future, we have had to remove these brands from sale as we will not be able to replenish stocks when they run dry.

Current orders will be fulfilled where possible, should we be unable to fulfill your order because of this situation, we will contact you and advise.

Products will be re-added to the site as Rustins get production back on track and we can secure stock.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause to any customers whose orders are affected.

Our thoughts are extended to Ed and the team at Rustins who we have worked very closely with for a long time. We wish them all the best.


The Great British Bake Oh!!

Fancy yourself as Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry? Watching the new Series of Great British Bake Off on BBC1? Thinking, I can do that, How hard can it be?

I have, you start off with grand visions of perfectly turned out sponges and incredibly flaky pastry that would make Mary herself retire and take up knitting and then somewhere between vision and reality, it goes a little bit wrong. Well a lot wrong really.

Have you opened your oven door expecting to see a perfectly risen sponge but seen this instead.



Yeah! me too!

Well worry no more, get your oven back into fighting form with the following fantastic oven cleaning products.

Firstly, let me introduce you toOven-mate-Just-for-racks_350 Oven Mate Just For Racks Cleaning Kit.  

Turns what you see above, into what you see below.


Seriously, I was amazed, I thought I was going to have to buy new ones, these came out cleaner than before I started! Although, seeing the rest of the oven just wanted me to curl up and cry, but, I had tucked away in the cupboard the perfect thing to tackle it.

Presenting to you.


 Oven Mate Oven CLeaning Kit. 

This was a lifesaver, it turned my oven from this.


And this.


Into this.


And this.


And the best thing, neither of those cleaning items smelled awful or left any lingering odours when I started again. No long hours waiting for the racks to soak, no backbreaking scrubbing for ages to get the cake mess off the inside of the oven. Fantastic!

And you know what, I’m looking forward to this.


(Ok that’s not mine, thats Mary Berry’s, but one day!).