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New ALM Gardening Replacement Parts added to Homecare Essentials website

New ALM Gardening Replacement Parts added.

Spring is here and Summer is coming fast no doubt you’re thinking of mowing the lawn or tidying the garden after the freezing weather we been having.

Well we now have loads of Lawnmower Blades, Trimmer lines, Spool and lines, Chainsaw chains and many more replacement parts for your worn out gardening equipment just added to the Homecare Essentials website.



ALM Manufacturing is a family owned company established in 1972, specialising in the manufacture consumable parts and accessories for all brands of trimmers, lawnmowers, chainsaws an greenhouses.


New Alm Products Now Available 


ALM Categories



Replacement Metal Blades in multiple sizes for Flymo and Black & Decker models.





Replacement Chainsaw Chains comes in 45, 56, and 62 chain link sizes.




Replacement Drive Belts for Flymo, Black & Decker, Qualcast, and various other lawnmowers.





Trimmer Lines for lightweight, medium, heavy, extra heavy duty trimmers and more sizes.





Replacement Spool and Lines for Flymo, Bosch, Ryobi, Gardena, Champion and many more.




GP205_thumbPacks of Plastic Blades for Flymo, Black & Decker, Qualcast, McAllister, Lidl Florabest, Güde, and various other makes and models.




ALM other Parts and Accessories



The ALM Guarantee
All of our products are quality controlled to the highest standard at every stage of the manufacturing process.

FREE Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Popcorn Bar with any order when you spend £10 or over

Get Your FREE Great taste gold award winning Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Popcorn Bar with any order £10.00 or over on Homecare Essentials Website.

We only have 500 Wild trail Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Popcorn Bar to give away so its a first come first served offer.

Best hurry Limited time offer!

PB_Fruitnut_BarWild Trail Wholegrain Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Popcorn Bar is bursting with fruit and nuts, this bar will give you a satisfyingly tasty boost with a slightly decadent edge. A great way to eat popcorn, nuts and fruit!

Full of fibre and protein, wholegrains aid digestion and keep you feeling fuller for longer with fewer calories. Therefore eating wholegrains as part of healthy diet can aid weight loss.


Wild Trail Wholegrain Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Popcorn bars contains 2 of the best wholegrains out there oats & popcorn both packed full of antioxidants, fibre and essential vitamins & minerals.


Fabulously fruity, ridiculously tasty!






  • 1 of your 3 wholegrains a day
  • Wholegrain popcorn
  • GM Free
  • Veggie Friendly
  • Wildly nutty!

Easter Holiday discount SAVE 10%* at Homecare Essentials website using Coupon code: EASTER2014

Easter is almost here and to celebrate this holiday we are cutting 10%* on everything at Homecare Essentials website so hurry before this offer ends!


Its real easy just enter the following code in your basket just before you checkout to pay and save money to spend on more chocolates.

Coupon Code: EASTER2014






net of VAT, delivery not included*

Happy shopping and Happy Easter

From everyone at Homecare Essentials.


Brand New Delicious Wild Trail Health bars – Now Available On Our Stores

Wild Trail’s Delicious Wholegrain Bars Range

Say hello to Wild Trail’s 100% natural, no added sugar, wheat and dairy free snack bars of pure, delicious goodness.
Made only from unadulterated ingredients (wholegrains, fruit, coconut oil and nuts), Wild Trail wholegrain bars are loved by people who want to eat unprocessed foods and live a better, more active life.

PB_Apple_Bar_ThumbWild Trail Wholegrain Apple & Raspberry Yoghurt Popcorn Bar With juicy apples & raspberries, popcorn and a yummy yoghurt topping, you’ll want to savour every single bite.

An irresistibly fruity delight!


PB_Cranberry_Bar_thumbWild Trail Wholegrain Cranberry Yoghurt Popcorn Bar is crammed with succulent cranberries and tasty popcorn, and smothered in creamy yoghurt, this is a bar that’s hard to say no to!

A deliciously naughty treat!


PB_Fruitnut_Bar_thumbWild Trail Wholegrain Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Popcorn Bar is bursting with fruit and nuts, this bar will give you a satisfyingly tasty boost with a slightly decadent edge. A great way to eat popcorn, nuts and fruit!

Fabulously fruity, ridiculously tasty!


Cherry-Crumble_thumbWild Trail Wholegrain Cherry Crumble Bar is a 100% natural, healthy take on a British classic. Bursting with the flavours of a cherry bakewell, the Cherry Crumble bar is packed with wholegrain oats, heart healthy coconut oil, nuts & fruit. We use a combination of just 7 delicious wholefoods rolled and pressed together, with minimal sugars and maximum taste. It’s the perfect guilt-free treat if you’re a cherry lover like us!

A scrumptious treat that tantalises the taste buds!


Orange-Oatie_thumbWild Trail Wholegrain Orange Oatie Bar is the perfect healthy breakfast on the go. We’ve combined natural Brazilian Orange Oil with wholegrain oats, added a boost of heart healthy coconut oil and packed the bar full with nutritious fruit and nuts. What you get is a deliciously zesty rolled and pressed wholefoods bar that tastes just like marmalade on toast, so much so, Paddington Bear would approve!

Marmalade on toast anyone?


Berry-Granola_thumbWild Trail Wholegrain Berry Granola Bar is a healthy combination of wholegrain oats, fruit and nuts, with an added boost of heart healthy coconut oil, simply rolled and pressed together, this is the perfect bar to indulge your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. With added strawberries and raspberries, this 100% natural granola bar is a truly healthy, delicious wholefoods snack.

A superfood bar that takes you to berry heaven!


HG Hagesan Air Con Cleaner Now at £7.96 Special Offer! – Get Your Car Ready for Summer

HG Air Con Cleaner 300ml

With the warmer weather is coming soon (We hope) you will probably be starting to use your car’s Air Conditioning for the first time since last year,  So why not pick up a can of HG Air Con Cleaner at new Special Offer Price.

But hurry offer will not last! 


After a while, practically all air conditioning systems in cars will start to spread an unpleasant, musty smell. This is the result of dust, pollen, nicotine and other dirt accumulating in the system. With HG Air Con Cleaner you can clean the air conditioning system of your car and produce a fresh fragrance without a sky-high garage bill.


WAS £10.45 

NOW £7.96

You Save £2.49



HG Air Con Cleaner 300ml – Usage Instructions

It is very simple to use:

1. Close all the windows of the car and push the passenger seat as far forward as possible.

2. Move the back of the seat as far forward as possible as well, so that the spray mist cannot reach the back.

3. Start the engine, set the air conditioning to “recirculation” (so that no air from the outside is sucked in and the air continues to circulate inside the car without escaping and put the blower onto the highest setting.

4. Choose the grid in the dashboard as the escape direction (so that the air does not blow towards the front windowscreen or the floor).

5. Put HG Air Con Cleaner on the floor behind the passenger seat and fully press the spray button of the sprayer, so that it is blocked. Make sure that the spray mist does not touch anything.

6. Leave the car and shut the door; the car must be completely shut. When the sprayer is completely empty, allow the air conditioning to run for at least another 5 minutes.

7. Then switch off the engine and thoroughly ventilate the car for at least 5 minutes by opening all the windows or doors.