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Amazon Dash – Seriously??

I am a technophile, I love new technology and I am not happy unless I have the latest this or most up to date that. My mobile phone has access to the sum of all human knowledge and more computing power than NASA had when it put men on the moon, I get all excited when I see new ideas that will revolutionise the way we do things and move us just a little closer to that Sci-fi dream of warp drive and teleporters.

Today I saw that Amazon have launched a thing called DASH, Wow I thought, a new idea, a revolutionary new thing that’s going to change the world. Errrrrr no!

Dash is Amazon’s latest attempt to completely subvert the online marketplace and encourage you to shop only with Amazon.

How it works is simple enough, you buy a little wireless doodad that’s about the size of your car key fob, that is for a particular brand of something you use everyday and when you run out, you push the button on the fob and the doodad will automatically order that item through your Amazon account to have that item delivered within 24 hours to your door.

The following is taken from Amazon’s webpage describing how the product works.

Dash Button is set up and managed through the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone, and works in any location with a Wi-Fi connection. Once setup is complete, a notification (if enabled) is sent to your smartphone every time an order is placed.

What if I dont have the Amazon App, I don’t shop on my phone for everyday essentials, I go down the shop for everyday essentials.

If I have this situation


I’m not going to push a button and wait 24 hours for more Toilet Roll to be delivered, plus how would I get off the loo seat to answer the door?! plus a single brand button means only that brand, there is no alternative, no price comparison or bargain hunting, that brand at supermarket prices.

Well more than supermarket prices as it costs £4.99 to buy the button in the first place. You apparently get that value discounted off the order on the first time you use it but there is still the issue of what happens when the battery runs out, can you change it? or will you need another one for another £4.99?

What about inquisitive little fingers? Amazon say they have that covered.

Dash Button will not place a new order until your prior order is delivered—regardless of how many times Dash Button is pressed. In addition, you will receive an order notification (if enabled) for every order placed, allowing you to cancel an order before it is dispatched.

But what if I need to order more than one? I have to wait for the first to be delivered before I can order more? what if i want multiples?

So lets say I use this to order my everyday essentials, that means I have to wait 24 hours to have it delivered, that is not going to cut it if we run out of coffee. The buttons are brand specific so you can only use that brand and you have to have a separate button for each brand you need, that’s a lot of buttons all vying for the same Wi-Fi bandwidth in an already Wi-Fi busy household.

As I said at the beginning, I love technology but this is a step too far, i’m all for making life easier but this just does not have any logic or sense to it. If I know I am going to run out of something essential then I just stop at my local supermarket on my way home from work, where I can compare brands and get the best deal. One final thought. What does this say about Amazon’s environmental consideration when they are allowing a vehicle to be sent out to deliver a loo roll.


*The opinions in this blog are of the individual writing it and are not reflective of Homecare Essentials*

August Bank Holiday Closure

A reminder that Monday 29th August is a Bank Holiday and as such we will be closed.

Orders received after 3pm on Friday 26th may not be processed until Tuesday 30th and no orders will be dispatched after 4pm on Friday 26th until Tuesday 30th.

Be aware, not all courier or delivery services will be operating on the Monday so you may have an extra day in your delivery schedule and Amazon delivery schedules may not take this into account when calculating your delivery windows.

From all at Homecare Essentials, have a great long weekend and we will see you all when normality resumes on Tuesday.

Special Offer!! Revitalise Your Outdoor Wooden Garden Furniture And Decking.

While we have a few days where the weather tries to trick you into thinking that summer has finally arrived, there is no better time to finally show some TLC to that tired old wooden sun lounger or patio table and chair set or that expensive wooden decking that take the brunt of our weather 300+ days a year.

We have partnered with Bartoline to bring you the best deal on their Teak Oil you are ever likely to see online.

Bartoline Limited, a privately owned family business first established in 1876 is the leading UK manufacturer of pre-packed solvents, woodcare products, fillers, wallcovering adhesives and many other products associated with the home improvement industry.

We have squeezed a few pennies out of them to allow us to give you 5 Litres of Bartoline Teak Oil for £ 9.95 (Excl shipping).

That’s not a typo, it really is £9.95 for 5 litres. That is a massive saving of £3.97 per container over the regular price which was already pretty low to start with.

Now, we can only sustain this offer for a limited time. Come September 1st, the price reverts back to it’s usual £13.92 so act fast, the stock could disappear faster than the sun.

A liberal application of Bartoline Teak Oil, will revitalise the look of tired and weathered outdoor wooden furniture or decking and make it look as though it had just been purchased and also help protect it from the sun.


Presenting The Homecare Essentials, Great British Bake Off, Kitchen Survival Kit!

It’s that time of year again, when the nations eyes are glued to the telly and kitchens all over the country quake in fear as people with big dreams and aspirations that far outweigh their ability, attempt to channel a spray tanned Liverpudlian and a Pensioner and join the circus that is The Great British Bake Off.

The last time GBBO graced our Tv screens, we were inundated with requests for oven specific cleaners and Hob cleaners and pretty much anything that could clean up an exploded Victoria Sponge or get molten Jam the consistency of lava off the cooker.

This year, we have pre-empted the requests and put together two Kitchen Survival Kits, that will have you covered for just about any biscuit or pie related disaster you can think of.

Kitchen Survival Kit 1 has been carefully crafted to cover a kitchen that utilises Ceramic, Halogen or Induction hobs. The three main products are HG Hagesan Grease Away, This has been married with Hg Hagesan Oven, Grill and BBQ cleaner and also Hg Hagesan Ceramic Hob Daily Use Cleaner. These three products will have no problems removing or cleaning up baked on cake batter or burnt in Jam.


Kitchen Survival Kit 2 Has been designed for a kitchen that cooks on Gas. The three main products are the same except we have substituted the Ceramic Daily Use Cleaner for Problem Solved Gas Burner Cleaner.


With both of these Kits, we are throwing in a FREE Non stick reusable Oven liner which is worth £3.30 on its own. Place the oven liner on the bottom of your oven to catch any little overspills and save you some time and effort later.

I personally love GBBO, like many blokes around the country over the next few weeks, I know I will be turning to my missus after watching Paul Hollywood deride some poor guy about the quality of his buns and say

“I can do better than that!”

Driving In Summer Could Cost You More Than You Think.

A nice sunny day, top down, the open road and the wind in your hair, Maybe a trip to the coast or just head off into the countryside, we all love a nice trip out. Problem is when you finally get back home again, does your car look like this at all?



It looks like you have half the country’s bug population splattered all over your paintwork and windscreen. Bugs on the windscreen are a major problem, especially if you still have miles to go before your destination, not only do they look horrible but they pose a danger to your visual acuity and the wipers and screen wash only tend to make matters worse.

stock-photo-92967415-dead-bugs-on-a-windshield bug-windshield-300x225


It is vital that you take the time to get the remains off your paintwork as soon as possible and I mean as soon as possible, not next Sunday when you were planning to wash the car, I mean right now.

All us motorists know about bird droppings and the effect they have on your lovely shiny paintwork, well you may not realise that insides of your average bug is highly acidic so you can imagine what damage the couple of hundred or so currently adorning your bonnet and front bumper is doing to your finish if you do not act quickly.

A bucket and sponge and warm soapy water won’t get the job done, it may remove the lumpy bits, but not without some considerable effort, especially if you have left them to mature for a few days, but at that point, the damage has already been done and your pristine shine has turned to this.


Once it has reached that stage, you are going to need professional help or worse a respray and both those options can cost ££££££’s.

A much more wallet friendly approach is to use a dedicated bug remover, one of the best is by McKlords who make the best selling Inspired range of cleaning products.


The V12 Advanced Bug and Tar Remover is specially formulated to remove the bugs with ease without undue elbow grease and will not leave any streaks. It does this in a fraction of the time it will take with ordinary soap and water and will not damage the paint or leave a residue when dry. It also works on the glass of your windscreen and the plastics of your headlamps and number plates.

Personally, I keep a bottle in the glovebox along with a good microfibre cloth, that way I can tackle the bugs as soon as I get home. Click the green link above and purchase some for yourself, you won’t regret it.

It’s Here!! Granite Gold Has Arrived!!

After 40+ days at sea and a journey of over 10,000 miles, Our shipment of Granite Gold products has finally docked in our stock room where our warehouse gnomes are hard at work getting it unpacked and shelved ready for your orders.

Included in the shipment of over 100 boxes are three brand new products that have never seen the light of day upon our green and pleasant shores before along with established best sellers such as the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and the Granite Gold Polish.


First up we have the incredible Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner.

Deep cleaning goodness that is specially formulated to work on Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Glass, Appliances, Brass and Copper and also Natural Stone. Pretty much all the household surfaces you may have in your home.

Next up is the amazing Granite Gold Squeeze and Mop Floor Cleaner.

Designed to quickly deep clean Granite, Marble, Travertine and all other Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile floors. No rinsing for ages and no bucket required just Squeeze and Mop for a beautiful streak free clean and shine.

Finally we have the brilliant Granite Gold Clean and Shine.

It both cleans and polishes in one easy step for Granite, Marble and all other Natural Stone and Quartz surfaces. Leaves a streak free finish that helps resist water spots, soap scum and fingerprints.

Previously, cleaning and protecting Granite or Natural Stone floors and worktops required different products with different properties, not with Granite Gold, manufactured in Southern California where the prevalence is for Natural Stone floors and surfaces because it keeps houses cool, they have been producing for over 60 years. Now we can also benefit from their more than half a century of knowledge and experience.

Please click on the product links in green above to be taken to the product pages where you can get more in-depth information into these amazing products.

Top Of The Shop – July

Welcome to our monthly top 10 best sellers from the previous month. Summer can’t seem to make up its mind if it is staying or just passing through but that has not stopped you shopping. Let’s have a look at last month’s best sellers.

*cue Led Zeppelin – A whole lotta Love*

New at N°10Kilrock Spirits of Salt 500ml.

Also new at N°9Vim Classic Scourer 500g.

Another new entry at N°8 – Hotspot Black Stove and Grate Polish 170g.

Up 2 places at N°7Kilrock Meltaway Fridge De-Icer.

Yet another new entry at N°6 – Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 300ml.

Up 3 places to N°5 – Pure Spa Hot Tub Surface Cleaner.

Up 2 places to N°4 – Inspired Mattress Stain Remover.

Our highest new entry at N°3 – Supafix Felt Guard Protector Pads Pack of 27.


Holding at N°2 – Original Barkeepers Friend Bundle Pack.


Up 4 places at N°1 – HG Hagesan Window Cleaner 500ml.


That’s it for another month, will HG Window Cleaner be top next month? stay tuned to find out.