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Spring Has Sprung

And with the change in the weather, we have noticed a large increase in sales of the HG Patio Cleaner and the HG Algae and Mould Remover as people are getting their garden spaces and patios ready for use.

You may not be aware you can save £££’s by grabbing the Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack.

Previously exclusive to QVC, we are pleased to announce the Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack is now available for sale to everyone.

If you missed the QVC presentation, I will explain what the Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack consists of.

To help you enhance and maintain your garden space and to enjoy the good weather while it lasts, HG have put together a collection of garden and outdoor products in a single pack which is considerably less in cost than buying the items separately.

The Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack contains

2 x 1 litre bottles of HG’s best selling Patio Cleaner which is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially designed for the cleaning of dirty and stained concrete, slabs and paving stones.

1 x 1 litre bottle of the outstanding Algae and Mould Remover which removes the familiar mould, algae, lichen or moss from external surfaces such as patios, paths, walls, tiles, fences, decking, boats, caravans and terracotta pots, etc.

1 x 500ml bottle of the fantastic Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaning Spray that is a powerful cleaner to quickly and easily remove stubborn dirt from plastic garden furniture.

If you were to purchase these products individually it would cost you £17.95, The Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack will cost you £12.95, a saving of £5.00

These bundle packs are limited availability and once they are gone, that’s it, so don’t delay, grab one before they disappear.

Don’t Sit On The Fence, Stain It!

Living in a rural location, for more years than I care to remember, Spring for me started with a smell of the next door neighbour Mr Cooper creosoting the garden fence we shared. I am sure many people will remember the nose hair singeing smell that lingered for days, very much a Marmite product, you either loved the smell or you hated it but it was incredibly effective at protecting and colouring the fence for the coming year.

Flash forward to 2003, The European Commission has banned the sale of creosote-treated wood after it was found that there could be a cancer risk. Scientists carrying out a study for the commission have found that creosote is much more hazardous than originally thought.

The ban took effect from June 30, 2003. Wood treated with creosote before the directive came into force could be sold on the second-hand market. One of the prohibited uses is in parks, gardens and in outdoor and recreational leisure where there is a risk of frequent skin contact. It also applies to the manufacture of garden furniture, and in the manufacture, use and treatment of containers for growing purposes. Scientists told the com-mission that “there is evidence to support the opinion that there is a cancer risk to consumers from creosote with benzo-a-pyrene (BaP) at a lower concentration than that currently permissible under EC legislation and/or from wood containing such creosote. “

Well that stopped our next door neighbour in his tracks, Creosote was a banned substance and unless you were a registered trades person in the agriculture field , you couldn’t buy it any more.

Flash forward again to early 2018, Bartoline Europe’s leading manufacturer of decorating sundries for the home improvement industry, developed an alternative to the highly dangerous and carcinogenic creosote.

Titled Creocote, the liquid has all the same properties as the now long banned Creosote, including the all too familiar smell, but has none of the toxicity or harmful ingredients of the original Creosote.

Available to buy in two shades, Light Brown and Dark Brown and available in two sizes, 4 Litres cans for small jobs and 20 litre barrels for larger jobs and bigger gardens.

Click the Image to see full product details and purchase.

Creocote has proven to be an extremely popular product and constantly sells out very quickly and all the reviews are positive from customers who have purchased it. to make it easier for you to get your garden woodwork looking it’s best, with every 20 litres of Creocote you buy, we will give you an applicator brush worth £5.25 completely FREE.

Well, Mr Cooper moved away a few years ago, but if you are reading this, and you have a garden fence that needs sorting out, you know where to come.