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Product Spotlight – Wudcare Wudfil Wood Fillers

We are pleased to say we are now stocking the full range of Wudcare Wudfil Wood Fillers, actually by completing the range, this now means we are stocking all of the Wudcare Range of products. Why is this significant? well, let me explain.

Wudcare products have been used by craftsmen since the early 1990’s and the name is synonymous with quality.

When Wudfil Woodfiller was first introduced into builders’ merchants there were no equals and ‘Wudfil’ is still considered today as the filler that all others must beat.  The Wudcare range includes the Easy Stain wood fillers and a comprehensive range of adhesives with excellent binding properties from Super Glue and activator to Fast Grab and wood adhesives.

Wudcare have produced a very nice brochure that showcases their products I have reproduced it below but you can download the original from HERE

Wudcare_Brochure (opens in a new window)

The newly arrived wood fillers come in 2 varieties, Original and Easy Stain and are available in a range of colours.

Wood Filler Colour Chart (opens in a new window)

The Original Wood Filler is a two part filler (filler and hardener) when dry is ready to be stained or painted. Hardening takes approximately ten minutes. Once hardened or cured, Wudfil Woodfiller is easily sanded smooth. It has the ability to take a sharp edge without crumbling, making it the best choice for filling on an edge where a corner needs to be reformed. Colours: White, Cream, Pine and Mahogany.

The Easy Stain Wood Filler is A two part filler (filler and hardener) with an advanced formulation to make staining easier. Hardening takes approximately ten minutes. Once hardened or cured, Wudfil Woodfiller is easily sanded smooth and will take stains and varnishes. It has the ability to take a sharp edge without crumbling, making it the best choice for filling on an edge where a corner needs to be reformed. Colours: Mahogany, Oak, Pine, Redwood & Teak.

Both varieties are available in 250ml and 500ml tins.

To peruse the Wudcare range of products, the whole range can be found HERE and is available for purchase.

Whether you are a professional carpenter, tradesman or home hobbyist, Wudcare have everything you need for your wood building or wood repair needs.

Product Spotlight – Hotspot Fireplace Products

In the days of all room central heating and voice controlled climate control with tabletop devices, there is something immediately nostalgic about a home fire, whether it is an open fire with a full on mantle and hearth or a small wood burner in the corner of the room, nothing quite beats the feeling that orange crackling thing provides. I was a child of the 1970’s when most houses had a central fireplace in the living room and I have very fond memories of toasting crumpets on a long brass fork in the open fire with my grandparents on a Sunday afternoon.

Of course the reality is very much glossed over as you bask in the warm glow of nostalgia, open fires and wood burners actually took a fair amount of work to clean and maintain and if you are one of the few that still use or rely on open fires and wood burners in your homes today, you know how much effort is required. Well, fortunately a company called Hotspot Fireplace Products is on hand to make your life a little easier.

Their product range covers a host of applications ranging from stove and grate paints and polishes through to marble, glass and multi-purpose cleaning products. They also carry a large range of sealing products ranging from brick and stone sealers and cement through to slate oils and other sealing and finishing products.

They have Black Grate Polish, which restores the colour and finish to the exterior of a black leaded range or wood burning stove, in tube or tin.

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They have High Temperature Stove Paint, in both aerosol and liquid paint, brings new life to a tired looking surface on your wood burning stoves, coal or log effect gas fires, Barbecues etc.

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Their Flue Free Chimney Cleaner Powder is probably their most important yet understated product. It is used to keep the flue and exhaust pipes free from tar and creosote that can block a chimney and exhaust and potentially catch fire.

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They have specialized glass cleaners specifically formulated to remove burn marks and creosote stains from the glass in the doors of the stoves.

From brick and stone sealers to polishes for your Marble mantle, Hotspot has you covered. Need to reseal the fireplace door? Hotspot has the sealing rope and heatbond glue to fix it with.

They can even provide a paint to re-blacken your coals in a coal effect gas fire.

You can view the individual products mentioned above by clicking the images or you can view the entire range we carry HERE

As the nights draw in and the mercury descends more rapidly than we would like, those of you with a wood burning stove or open fire place are getting that warm fuzzy feeling again and thanks to Hotspot Fireplace Products, they will help you maintain it for a long time to come.

How To – Prepare your Home For Winter

The Summer sun has faded and the year grows old and darker days are drawing near.

That is a line from a favourite song of mine and it is surprisingly apt. It is early November and the nights are drawing in and getting decidedly chillier.

Before winter takes hold in its frosty fingers, here are a couple of things you might want to do to get your home prepared for the colder season.

Check the Guttering.


Making sure all those Autumn leaves and old birds nests are cleared out and there is no foliage or moss that could potentially block the down pipe. If the water can’t escape properly, it could overflow into the roof space or down the exterior walls and cause damage.

Sweep the chimney.


This ensures that the smoke and gasses from the coal fire escape properly into the atmosphere and not into your living room with potentially lethal consequences. Also this will ensure there is virtually no risk of a flue or chimney fire. (For detailed information on cleaning the chimney, check out a previous blog here.)

Have the Boiler Checked. This is something you want to do now rather than later, it is no fun trying to do without heating in 0°C weather and it will also ensure you are not having any issues with carbon monoxide leakage. Having heat and hot water when the thermometer bottoms out will also ensure your pipes won’t freeze, which brings me to.

Check the insulation on your pipes, and while you are at it, check the insulation in the loft too. With over 25% of your heat is lost through the roof, having good loft insulation is a must if you want to keep warm this winter and save some pennies on the energy bills as well. Checking the pipe insulation for holes or general deterioration will ensure your pipes don’t freeze up if it gets really cold.

If you have a wood burning stove, give it a really good clean to ensure there is no creosote build up and the exhaust pipe is clear of tar, give the front glass a really good clean too as this will aid in the distribution of the heat more efficiently.

Check your insurance coverage. Check out your home insurance policy to make sure you have adequate cover for winter related damages. The last thing you want or need is to have something unfortunate happen only to find you are not covered for it. Home repairs are costly, especially if it structural so don’t skimp on the cover.


Hopefully, these few hints and tips will go some way to helping you stay warm and toasty and give you peace of mind this winter.