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Tableau Pink Window Cream – Now In Multipack Sizes

For a while now, we have been trialling Tableau’s Windolene replacement, their Pink Window Cream and it has proven to be a phenomenal success. The product is so popular that keeping up with demand is a full-time job in itself, therefore we have decided to add it full-time to our existing catalogue of products.

It seems that many of you are buying the item in bulk to reduce the carriage charge (as Royal Mail cannot convey the product, we have to dispatch it via courier), we have introduced multipacks to help you out.

Available as a Pack of 4 and as a Case of 6, these offer significant savings over buying the items individually, of course you can still buy it as a single bottle too. (Click the Pack sizes to purchase).

Multipacks mean you will not run out at inconvenient times and will generally have a bottle spare when you need it or just to pass on to your neighbour when they ask how your windows are always so much cleaner than theirs (just remember to point them here so they can buy their own).

Welcome On Board – Severin Products

You may not realise this, we don’t just sell fabulous cleaning products at competitive prices, we also have a varied range of household goods as well, from bin liners to pest control products, we probably have what you are looking for.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that we are now stocking a range of household essential items from a company called Severin.


Severin are from Germany and have been around since 1892. They started producing consumer electricals for the household in the 1950’s and haven’t stopped. They are one of the largest electrical goods manufacturers in Europe and were among the first western companies given license to manufacture and trade in China.

All their items are built in-house in a state of the art factory in Sundern Germany which enables them to produce top quality items at exceptionally low prices. They are market leaders in price to performance and given the legendary German quality and engineering, we jumped at the chance to stock their items.

Severin Range Of Products

We have a core range of items for sale at the moment, (Click the link above) this is being expanded on and new items are being added almost daily.

From butcher grade meat slicers to coffee machines to kettles to toasters to yoghurt makers and more, Severin make some of the best, small home electricals you can buy today.

Wonders Will Never Cease!

Once the purview of science fiction or The Jetsons, our mad british boffins have done it again.

Self Cleaning Windows.

Over at University College London (UCL), a team of scientists have developed a high tech glass that is intended for self cleaning and energy saving windows.

A team led by Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou has coupled “Conical nanostructures engraved onto the glass” with a photochromic 5-10 nanometre film of vanadium dioxide.

What this basically means, the nanostructures trap air which stops water from effectively hitting the surface of the glass, as the surface tension of the droplets cannot spread out on the glass, the droplets form spheres which just roll right off the glass surface, picking up dust and dirt particles as they go. That is perfect or our weather, we will have the cleanest windows in Europe.

The other part of the coating, the Vanadium dioxide, acts like a one way mirror, it allows infrared light (effectively heat) into the room up to a maximum of 30ºC, this means the sunlight will warm the room but not become over hot and also the reflectivity of the coating means the heat can’t escape through the glass keeping the room warm.

Now don’t expect to go and buy these right away, the Scientists reckon they are 3 to 5 years away from commercial production but they are also working on producing the coating as a ready made film that you can apply to existing windows as well.

So by the end of the decade, we could have smart windows in our houses and that could mean big savings in heating bills too.

Until that day arrives however, you are still going to have to clean your windows the old fashioned way. Here are a couple of our best sellers to make the job go a lot smoother. Click the names to purchase. HG Window Cleaner and Tableau Pink Window Cream


*article courtesy of The Register. link HERE*

Kilrock Multi-Purpose Descaler – The Best Just Got Bigger.

First, there was the “K”, it was good but the people cried out “we want more!”. The cries were heard and the “Big K” was given unto the people and it was better but still the people cried out “more, we must have more!”, again the cries were heard.

Presenting the “Kilrock Mega K

Kilrock_Mega_K_Descaler_380 Kilrock’s best just got bigger.

More than double the volume of the “Big K”, this 1 litre bottle will last ages due to the incredible efficiency of the descaling agents contained within. A little really does go a long way.

Nothing ruins a kettle or a showerhead quicker than limescale and if you live in a medium or hard water area (and 90% of us do), you really cannot afford to be without a bottle of this in your arsenal.

If your kettle looks like this when you empty all the water out. That white, hard, build up is limescale and it will kill your kettle if it is not treated. You can’t avoid it, it’s in the water that is piped into your home. A kettle is a good way of judging the hardness of your water, also your showerhead will show signs too.

Limescale-showerhead The “Mega K” will dissolve that limescale and get your kettle and shower back to full working order in minutes.

(just remember to rinse the kettle a couple of times before use, it doesn’t taste very nice in Tea).

Before purpose designed descalers like Kilrock’s “Mega K”, you were probably going to be replacing that kettle after only getting about a tenth of it’s usable life and it’s the same story with the showerhead as well. A bottle of “Mega K” is considerably less than the cost of a new kettle and showerhead and worth every penny.

To find out more click HERE

A Green Alternative: Earth Friendly Products.

Way back in the mists of time, when men were real men and women were extremely busy and under appreciated, A small family owned company in America that produced cleaning products for the home and business, had an idea that was decades ahead of it’s time and completely against current thinking of the time.

They were environmentally conscious and recognised the dangers the harsh chemical cleaning products that were being used daily by the millions of housewives was going to have on the environment and the health of future generations and took the unprecedented step, at the time, to do something about it.

And so was born, Earth Friendly Products.


They realised that the best cleaning agents are natural, not chemical and more importantly, natural ingredients won’t have any environmental impact when used and disposed of.

It took a while, well a couple of decades actually to get the research done and tested and in the late 60’s the first products were released to the world. Only cleaners that were plant based, only paper products that were recycled and none of their products were animal tested either and 40 something years down the road, they are still going strong.

At Homecare Essentials, we are happy to do our bit for the environment and are proud to be a stockist of the range of Earth Friendly Cleaning Products.

From Laundry Detergent to Odour Removers, there is something for every home in the range.

Do your bit for the environment too and check out the range by clicking Earth Friendly Products.

How To – Properly Defrost Your Fridge or Freezer.

Now that the festive period is over and done with for another year, I’m guessing you have a sparsely populated fridge or freezer. Why not take advantage of the situation and give it a proper clean out and defrosting before it sees heavy use again.


You may think it’s as simple as turn it off, wait a few hours and wipe down. Sadly, No it’s not. I shall explain.

Firstly, you are going to need a few items to make this go smoothly and painlessly as possible. Get yourself some old newspapers, a thick sunday paper should do the trick, a couple of small plastic or metal buckets, some clean water, a shallow bowl (a washing up bowl is ideal), a stack of clean cloths and a specialist fridge cleaner.

Below are links to purchase De-icer products to help you defrost your unit quicker.

Kilrock Meltaway Fridge and Freezer Defroster

HG Freezer De-Icer

Tableau Fridge / Freezer De-Icer

Ozmo Antibacterial Rapid De-Icer For Fridges and Freezers

I would always recommend a non metallic ice scraper or plastic spatula be kept close to hand to assist in the ice removal.

“But why do I need to defrost my fridge and or freezer?” I hear you cry. Well besides the compartment drawers being easier to open and close, your appliance will be more energy efficient, which means it won’t cost as much to operate, which means pennies in your pocket.

I will assume you have already emptied the fridge / freezer of food and other perishables and also removable drawers and shelves.


Lay out the newspaper in front of the appliance door and push some underneath as well, this is to catch water and any crumbs or bits of food that were trapped in the ice. Check to see if your appliance has a catchment tray, some models, this is underneath the fridge / freezer where melt water can be collected, other models have an interior trough or hollow to do the same job. It may even be designed to collect in the bottom most drawer.

Unplug and open the door. While you are waiting for the ice to melt, it is the perfect time to clean the shelves and drawers that you removed earlier. Just add a few drops of an all purpose cleaner to 3-4 cups of water in a small bucket (Don’t use too much cleaner or too little water as it will be hard to rinse off and you do not want a residue left behind). Wet a cloth in the cleaning solution in the bucket and wipe all the surfaces and parts that you have removed, rinse the item with clean water to ensure it is clean and residue free and place to one side to dry off. Save the remaining cleaning solution to use on the interior surfaces of the fridge / freezer.

Time to check on the thawing. If you still have a thick layer of ice, this is when to use the scraper or spatula to help remove it. Ideally you want to let the ice melt at it’s own speed but if you need to use an implement to remove it, take care not to damage the interior finish. If you use a de-icer spray for freezers or fridges, the main point to remember is that they will help to accelerate the melting process, they WILL NOT melt the ice for you.

Once all the ice has melted, examine the inside of the appliance, the parts that dont ever touch your food, you can just wipe those down with a clean dry cloth. The other areas, use a wet cloth from the cleaning solution you used on the shelves and drawers and wipe those down. Ensure you get in all the nooks and crannies.

Pay particular attention to the door. Ensure you wipe the rubber gasket (seal) around the door carefully to make sure it is clean and also carefully inspect the rubber to make sure it has no pinprick holes or cracks that would compromise the seal when the door is closed. Don’t forget to wipe the surface where the seal makes contact with the body of the appliance, keeping both these scrupulously clean will ensure the door seals properly. If you do see a break or the rubber looks old, you may need to have the gasket replaced.

Using a clean wet cloth, rinse off any soapy areas and either dry the interior surfaces with clean dry cloths or allow the freezer / fridge to air dry (time permitting). If you switch on the freezer while the interior surfaces are still wet or damp, you will get a layer of ice almost immediately and that is to be avoided where possible.

Power the unit back up and replace the drawers and shelves you removed for cleaning. Check your manufacturers instructions for thermostat and temperature settings and wait until any low temperature warning lights are green or out completely before replacing the food.

Don’t forget, whilst the unit is empty, clean underneath and also wipe down the exterior surfaces too but take care around the coils and any exterior fans at the rear and that’s it, you are done.


Don’t You Just Love January! – We Don’t.

So January is well and truly here and the season of goodwill has well and truly evaporated, now that businesses have totaled up the cost of Christmas and need some way to re-coup their expenditure and keep the lights on until April.

Enter the January price increase. We all get them, a “Thank you for your custom in the last 12 months, unfortunately we are putting up your prices” letter. We have had some too.

Unlike other companies, we have decided not to pass on the increase to our customers.

Despite increasing manufacturing and distribution costs from suppliers, We have held firm our prices on our huge selling Tableau range and actually managed to squeeze a reduction on our Antiquax products.

So the M.D. has had his tea switched from Ringtons to PG Tips and he gets ordinary digestive biscuits instead of the chocolate coated ones to pay for it. It’s you, the customer, that matters more and we always strive to keep our prices as low as possible and present the best service we can.


Power has been restored and we are fully operational again.

Thank you for your patience.


Homecare Essentials Team

Urgent Announcement!!

Due to essential maintenance by the power company, we are currently without power and are unable to process or take orders at the present time.

We have been notified the power could be out for a considerable period of time today. We will make a further announcement when we are able to resume operations.


Thankyou for your patience in this matter.

Homecare Essentials Team

Top Of The Shop – December

Welcome to our monthly Top 10, our best selling products for December.


An interesting list this month with no fewer than 5 new entries. let’s go!

*cue Led Zeppelin – A Whole lotta Love*


New in at Nº10 – Command Micro Hooks

Down 5 places to Nº9One Shot Instant Drain Cleaner

Our second new entry at Nº8HG Hagesan Mould Spray

The third new entry is at Nº7 – Kilrock Big K Multi Purpose Descaler 400ml

Down 3 places to Nº6 – De-Solv-It Sticky Stuff Remover 250ml

Another new entry at Nº5 – Command Mini Clear Hooks

Down 2 places at Nº4 – Inspired Mattress Stain Remover 300ml

Up 5 places to Nº3 – HG Hagesan Window Cleaner 500ml


Down 1 place to Nº2 – Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack


This means we have a new Nº1 – Kilrock Moisture Absorber Crystals 500g


Well, that’s it for another month and indeed the year, so cheerio December and 2015. Watch this space for January’s Top of the Shop as things get back to normal after the festive madness.

Happy New Year and see you soon.