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New Product HG Grout Cleaner Spray 500ml – Ready to Use

HG Grout Cleaner Spray – Ready to Use

The Grout Cleaner from HG Hagesan has consistently been one of our bestsellers. Always in the Top 10 HG Products.



However prior to use the HG Grout Cleaner had to be diluted with water and applied with a Scrubbing Brush.

Always with an eye to making cleaning products that can make life easier HG Hagesan have just launched the HG Grout Cleaner Spray. This is a Ready to Use, pre-diluted version of the HG Grout Cleaner. Simply spray on, leave to work and brush.

HG Grout Cleaner Spray is a powerful and “buffered” cleaning agent. These properties ensure that it retains the same powerful effect during soaking and brushing, which produces a fantastic result. This product can be used on nearly all types of grout between wall tiles, floor tiles and brick.

HG Grout Cleaner Spray is available to buy now for £4.96. CLICK HERE.

FREE HG Car Insect Remover 750ml worth £5.09 when you buy 2 x HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner

Limited Time Offer

HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner is a very special, extremely powerful cleaner, especially developed to thoroughly clean all kinds of synthetic frames, windows, doors, etc., without attacking the materials.

HG UPVC Cleaner easily and quickly removes any atmospheric contamination, nicotine deposits and many other types of dirt, making your UPVC as good as new again.

FREE Product WORTH £5.09

FREE Product WORTH £5.09

When lightly soiled: Spray HG UPVC Cleaner onto a clean cloth and wipe the surface. Wipe the        surface again with a slightly damp cloth to remove any streakiness.

When heavily soiled: Spray HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner onto the surface and leave to work for a few minutes. Now wipe thoroughly with a cloth and possibly with water or rinse with water.

Comes with FREE HG Insect Remover Spray worth £5.09. The problem of difficult to   shift dead insects on the front of your car, van or truck is easily resolved with this   unique product. Safe for all of your cars bodywork as well as motorcycles and helmets.

Just what you will need this summer.

Click HERE to take advantage of this offfer. Be quick – limited stocks.


We now Stock the FULL UK Range of Yogi Tea

Homecare Essentials are pleased to announce that they now stock the FULL UK Range of Yogi Tea – at the last count we have 49 varieties IN Stock.


About Yogi Tea:

Serving your spirit:

The preciousness of time – there are only a few occasions in modern history that have changed time such as the sixties. Yogi Tea was a pioneer in the west when it was first served in 1969. Yogi Tea began with the purpose to build a conscious relationship with oneself and the goodness within and by that became part of a new world renaissance, where cultures opened up to exchange and share wisdoms to support the new rhythm of life.

The Wisdom of Ayurveda:

Through the Doshas Vata, Pita and Kapha the elements manifest in a unique combination in every being. To maintain or restore that individual balance in one’s life is the foundation of Ayurveda. Yogi Tea created enchanting and flavourful teas for enjoyment that balances in our busy lives.

For the Full Range of Yogi Loose Tea CLICK HERE

For the Full Range of Yogi Teas CLICK HERE

To SAVE Money and Buy Yogi Tea in Cases of 6 CLICK HERE

Keep your Home Free from Damp and Mould Leaflet


Removing Mould and Damp Leaflet

Damp can cause mould on walls and furniture and make window frames rot.

Damp cold housing encourages the growth of mould and mites, as mites feed on moulds and can increase the risk of respiratory illnesses in some people.

Some damp is caused by condensation. This leaflet explains how condensation forms and how you can keep it to a minimum, so reducing the risk of dampness and mould growth.

Click here to download our FREE Government leaflet to advise on damp and mould problems (pdf).

As mentioned in the Guardian

The file is less than 1 meg (approx. 15 seconds on Broadband) – you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. Click HERE to download Adobe Reader if required.

Click here to see all of our damp and mould solutions on our online store.

We now stock Tableau Products

Tableau have created a wide variety of specialist household cleaners and polishes to enable you to cherish your home.

Tableau Products are used within some of the most prestigious homes and properties in the UK. As a family business Tableau have taken great pride in their work and strive to provide high quality products and maintain their excellent reputation.

For many of the Tableau Products they have taken traditional formulations and then improved them using modern technology. This ensures classic results, but by easier, faster and more economical methods.

The Tableau Product Range includes:- leather cleaners * fine furniture care * furniture polishes * metal care *floor and tile care * fabric stain removers, protectors and cleaners * sticky label remover * upholstery cleaners * silicone lubricant * wood care * kitchen care * red tile polish and much more

For more information on Tableau Products you can call us on 01733 241960

To see the complete Tableau Range – Click Here

Do you change your Cooker Hood Grease Filter Every 6 Months?

Cooker Hood Grease Filters work in two ways. Firstly they prevent a build up of grease in the cookerhood, reducing the risk of fire through fat build up and damage to the motor. In re-circulating hoods they stop grease particles being exhausted back into the kitchen.

Therefore it is important that they are changed on a regular basis.

Cooker Hood Grease Filters come in several mediums.

1. Does your cooker hood have ‘paper’ type grease filters?

The solution for paper type grease filters is our Cooker Hood Replacement Grease Filters.  Simply cut to size and replace. The unique saturation indicator lets you know when they need changing again.




2. Does your cooker hood have foam type grease filters?

You can either replace with another Foam Grease Filter or you can replace the foam filter with the paper type Cooker Hood Replacement Grease Filters. Simply cut to size.





3. Does your cooker hood have metal ‘mesh’ type grease filters?

The metal mesh type of grease filter ideally should be degreased every 6 months. These can be cleaned using Oven Mate Mesh Cooker Hood Filter Cleaner. Simply spray on and leave to work for a few minutes and rinse through with hot water.

The actual metal mesh filters only require replacing when damaged or missing.

Metal Mesh Filters can be expensive and difficult to source. If you do require replacement metal mesh filters please send us your Cooker Hood make and model number and we will get a price for you. You can contact us by clicking HERE.

4. Looking for a Eco-Friendly option?

The Eco-Fil Filter is made from recycled plastic bottles.



At the same time as changing the filter we would recommend de-greasing the surrouding area with HG Grease Away.

Focus on Tumble Dryer Venting Solutions

It is the time of year again – cold, wet and damp. Drying clothes outdoors is becoming increasingly difficult. The Tumble Dryer is getting more and more use.

Venting the Tumble Dryer is really important.  If it is not vented to the outside it will cause condensation to build up in the house which will damage carpets, curtains, wallpaper etc and can cause potentially damaging black mould. Dryers situated in a garage or shed will cause items in there to rust. Obviously this is not ideal.

One solution is to hang the hose out of an open window – an open invitation to burglars!

Unlike really expensive Tumble Dryers that have built-in steam converters, most standard models are supplied with a vent hose of 4in* diameter, requiring a similar size hole to be made to your outside wall or a window left wide open.

*some dryers have a 3.5in Vent Hose – if you have a 3.5 inch hose you will need an Adapter.

We have two solutions from which to choose from:

1. You can buy our Tumble Dryer Vent Kit – a neat inexpensive solution. The only drawback being that it will require emptying and refilling on a regular basis and will need to be sited in a room with some ventilation.

2. The permanent solution is one of our Tumble Dryer Outdoor Vent Kits. These kits contain all you need to professionally vent the Tumble Dryer through the wall or a window. A little DIY experience is all that is required.

We also can supply various Tumble Dryer Vent Hoses in case you need a longer hose to relocate your Tumble Dryer.

See our Online Guide for more information.

HG Mould Spray in the News Again

HG Hagesan Mould Spray makes the Daily Telegraph Top 50 fabulous fixes that every homeowner should know. Compiled by their team of experts.

Meet the experts:

Paula Robinson
Our interiors writer is a fan of natural cleaning products

Bunny Guinness
How to spruce up the garden at minimal cost – it’s so easy

Jeff Howell
No-nonsense DIY advice from our building columnist

Elspeth Thompson
Recycling can be stylish. Just follow our witer’s tips

Tip no. 17 In the bathroom is from the experts is HG Mould Spray

Remove black mould from bathrooms and shower rooms by wiping down with a dilute solution of bleach in water. Heavily-ingrained mould on silicone or acrylic sealants needs something stronger – try HG Hagesan Mould Spray.

For the full Daily Telegraph list CLICK HERE